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Ahern, Murphy & Associates

We work with your company's greatest asset - its people.


Advocating for creative communities and entrepreneurs since 1998

With offices in Buffalo and Syracuse, Ahern, Murphy & Associates is recognized as one of the premier Leadership and Organizational Development firms. As the “Agency of Change” they focus on working with clients to maximize their performance by implementing client tailored award winning programs and processes that quickly allow clients to become more successful in meeting their personal, professional, and organizational objectives.

The scope of services provided by Ahern, Murphy & Associates are diverse and range from Leadership Development to High Performance Team Building to Strategic Performance Planning. The firm has successfully facilitated engagements with firms in the Banking, Health Care, Education, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Engineering, Architectural, Construction, Law, Computer, Communication Technology, Retail, Real Estate Development, Energy and Distribution industries. In the not-for-profit arena assignments have been successfully completed for Hospitals, School Districts, Collegiate Athletics, Military, Academia, Churches and Charitable Organizations that service the less fortunate of our communities


Areas of Expertise

Executive Services

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Contracted Executive Assignments

  • Board Development and Advisement

  • Ethics Policies and Procedures

  • Outplacement Counseling

  • Executive Recruitment


Assessment tools & Programs

  • Leadership Bench Strength Review

  • 360 Performance Evaluations

  • Organizational Balance

  • Professional Balance

  • Personal Balance

  • Communication Barriers

  • Time Management

  • Operational Challenges

  • Team Performance

  • Magic Wand

  • Leadership Characteristics

  • Self-Description Profiles

Executive Coaching

  • CEO Summits

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Executive Mentoring

  • Succession Planning


Strategic Performance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Vision/Values/Goals Creation

  • Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Performance Metrics and Tracking

  • Board of Director Services


HR Consulting

  • Talent Management

  • Employee Engagement & Retention

  • Performance Management

  • Employee & Labor Relationships

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • U.S. Employment Law & Regulations


  • Scholastic LEAD

  • Collegiate LEAD

  • Boot Camp for Life

  • The Success Manual


Extended Behavior Change Programs

  • Leading During Times of Great Change

  • Developing the Leader Within You

  • Executive Leadership

  • Leadership

  • Supervisory Leadership

  • Sales Leadership

  • Customer Service Leadership


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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